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It’s always Cotton Candy season! Today marks the day of Rainbow Cotton Candy’s first blog! So what’s a better topic to start with than getting to know the people who created Rainbow? Founder and owner, Greg Wolf, started Rainbow Cotton Candy in 1990. In the year 2000 he partnered with Scott Arbuckle, which resulted in Rainbow Cotton Candy sales in over 5,000 video stores across the USA. Then in 2004 his new sidekick, Sheri Johnson, (aka: the general manager) joined the company to create the dream team.
Q&A: Greg

Q: Ok, so the question everyone is wondering about is, “How did you get into the cotton candy business?”

A: “Well, at first I owned a beverage route company and one of my clients was Rawhide, a western theme town. The company who Rawhide previously purchased cotton candy from went out of business, and Rawhide convinced me to start making cotton candy for them. From there I was able to innovate new ways to package and sell, which built my business to what it is now.”

Q: “Why do you think Rainbow Cotton Candy is one of the most successful businesses you have started?”

A: “We have a great team which consistently makes a quality product. When people buy a bag of Rainbow Cotton Candy, not only are they purchasing a great tasting candy, they are also creating memories.”

Q&A: Sheri

sheri 2Q: “What’s the best part of your job?”

A: “When I walk into the office every day, I get to smell the sweet cotton candy aromas that take me back to my childhood days and memories.”

Q: “What’s your favorite cotton candy flavor and why?”

A: “Lemon! A lot of people turn their nose up at it, but I think it has the best pop of flavor in your mouth!”

Well, you heard it here first! Now you know a little of the background behind Rainbow Cotton Candy!

It’s always Cotton Candy season!

Made in the USA!

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