Monthly Archives: July 2015

Cotton Candy – When Should I Buy?

We get asked all the time - When is the perfect time is to order Rainbow Cotton Candy? Yes, there is a specific time frame in which it is best to order. We want the cotton candy to be fluffy and fresh for your event, making you 100% satisfied with your order.  If you follow…
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DIY Cotton Candy Without a Cotton Candy Machine

Yes, you read that title correctly!  We are telling you that you can make cotton candy hand strung without the machine. Ok, there might be a little more work involved making it instead of just ordering pre-packaged Rainbow Cotton Candy, but it might be fun to try once! This video was sent to us by…
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3 Ways Rainbow Cotton Candy Can Add Pizazz to Your Party!

Cotton Candy Display! This slideshow requires JavaScript. The adorable displays above are some creative ways we have found to make cotton candy POP at any party. People will be gawking at your charming cotton candy table and wish they would have though of it them selves. These re-pinable ideas would be perfect for any wedding,…
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