Cotton Candy – Unusual Facts You Would Never Guess!

There's more to cotton candy then just the sugar!

Time to throw out some prejudices that you may have against cotton candy, since lets face it, a little sugar never hurt anyone. In fact Cotton Candy might be saving lives! (well cotton candy and a few other things)

Fact 1:

Who was it that introduced cotton candy to the world? Ironically, a dentist named Dr. William Morrison partnered with a candy maker to invent the worlds first cotton candy machine. However, his idea of spun sugar was probably a ploy to bring in more kids with cavities. They called their new found treat Fairy Floss and sold 68,000 boxes in 1904 at St. Louis World's Fair.

Fact 2:

Then, dentist number 2 came around and decided that Fairy Floss need a little fine tuning. (probably making it harder to brush the candy out of teeth) In 1921, Dr. Josef Lascaux improved the machines design and trademarked the name Cotton Candy.

Fact 3:

When cotton candy is spun, the sugar can create up to a 4 mile long string of sugar! That means cotton candy can literally last you for miles. These miles of sugar are not only long, but are thinner then human hair.

Fact 4:

Cotton Candy is known by a different name all around the world! What Americans call cotton candy is called “candyfloss” in the UK and India, “fairy floss” in Australia and Finland, “papa’s beard” (barbe à papa) in France, and “old ladies’ hair” in Greece.

Fact 5:

The sugar in Cotton Candy can help restore will power! For difficult tasks, some sugar makes people persevere longer and keeps them focused.  Eat some cotton candy while taking on a big project — from yardwork to homework — might go a long way.

Fact 6:

Cotton candy helps create new blood vessels! According to researchers at Cornell University, cotton candy can be melted down to create artificial blood vessels. The cotton candy fibers are coated with a thicker, stronger substance made from silicone (a polymer), which is biocompatible but not biodegradable (meaning that it can stay within the body safely and does not break down). Now we could get deeper into the science of it all or you can take our word for it! Either way its pretty cool!



2 Responses

  1. Tomas Killington
    I've always enjoyed cotton candy, but have never realized that there was so much interesting information on it. I never knew that it was actually a dentist that came up with the idea for cotton candy. That's a fun fact that I'll definitely share with my cotton candy eating friends. How interesting!
    • rainbowcotton
      We are glad you enjoyed these fun facts! Thanks for the comment.

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