Cute Cotton Candy Valentine’s Set Up

Love is in the Air

Cotton candy Pink ChampagneDo you want your party to give people tooth aches (because it's so sweet)? Well, break out all the pink and red party decorations you own! Now that you've done that bring out all the candy you can find, because it wouldn't be Valentine's day if we didn't indulge ourselves with chocolate and sweets. I know what your thinking, been there, done that. Well, maybe you need to add another ingredient to the Valentine's day mix. But what? How about Valentine's hugs (and we don't mean the warm cuddly embrace)? We are talking about the sweet sugary goodness of our delectable cotton candy!



Tiered Platter

3 Ways to Set up Valentine's Hugs

  1. On a tiered platter. The small bags fit perfectly on the platter pictured below and is a cute center piece for any party!
  2. On doilies. The pretty doily background provides a more decorative feel to any table and even when the cotton candy has been swooped up it doesn't leave a boring table underneath.
  3. In champagne glasses. Cotton candy adds a cute decoration to any glass that dissolves in any liquid once poured over. The best part is then the drink changes to a pretty Valentine's pink!

These easy grab-and-go bags are perfect for School Valentine's Parties. Let your crush know how special they are by buying them this extra special treat. Be different this year and switch it up! We promise that everybody will be impressed by your originality and out of the box thinking. The pre-packaged bags are a no mess, easy to set up treat that will leave everyone smiling. Order your case now before it's to late!

We would love to know your feedback for our cotton candy and appreciate any reviews and comments! Hope you enjoyed this post!

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