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Custom Cotton Candy Bags with Personalized Labels for Any Event!

Are you looking for that little extra something┬áto jazz up your party? Well, look no further. No need to thank us, knowing that we have brought joy is all we need to sleep through the night. The secret to your party's success is below (so keep reading!). The perfect party favor is our ready-to-go custom…
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Cute Cotton Candy Valentine’s Set Up

Love is in the Air Do you want your party to give people tooth aches (because it's so sweet)? Well, break out all the pink and red party decorations you own! Now that you've done that bring out all the candy you can find, because it wouldn't be Valentine's day if we didn't indulge ourselves…
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5 Reasons why Holiday Hugs are the Perfect Holiday Treat

Looking for the perfect holiday treat this winter that won't break the bank or cause a huge mess in the kitchen! Then Rainbow Cotton Candy's seasonal Holiday Hugs are the treat for you! With a week till Christmas this is a quick and easy treat to create a smile on anyone's face! Still not convinced?…
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